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Our Divorce solicitors are highly experienced and also trained Mediators and Collaborative solicitors.

One of the fundamental difficulties for clients going through a divorce or relationship breakdown, is that they are forced to make incredibly difficult decisions with long-term implications, at a time they feel least emotionally able to do so.

The process of dealing with divorce and any issues arising from it (such as the finances or disputes over children) may seem overwhelming and daunting, but our divorce lawyers understand the need to provide clear and sensible advice, which not only deals with the legal consequences of separation, but also takes into consideration the emotional impact on you and your family. The process for divorce is as follows:

  • Agree the contents of the Divorce Petition, where possible;
  • Divorce proceedings issued;
  • Acknowledgment of Service;
  • Applicant for Decree Nisi;
  • Applicant for Decree Absolute

Experienced Divorce Solicitors and trained Mediators

We are able to deal with a broad spectrum of divorces, from those involving a modest level of assets through to substantial wealth.

Our divorce solicitors understand the importance of handling the breakdown of a marriage or relationship in a constructive manner. This provides us with the necessary expertise to ensure that matters are resolved swiftly and with the least amount of acrimony.

We also offer specialist services for same-sex divorce and civil partnership dissolution.

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