We build strong, long-lasting relationships.


We build connection and maintain strong, healthy relationships at our regular social events. Our social group plan events throughout the year, and regularly change the venue to help us support local businesses in our communities.

Our firm wide sporting challenges are available to all, to include for example volleyball tuition, the EJ Paddleboarding Club and an exercise classes.

We get together as a whole firm several times throughout the year with an Annual General Meeting, a summer party and a Christmas party.

We also encourage our teams to together for department socials.

Our networking group


In 2024 we launched our Networking Project which is an initiative to boost networking in the firm and encourage our people at all levels firmwide to grow in confidence in their networking skills.

We introduced a Networking Calendar displaying all scheduled networking events. The calendar is a visual reminder of how many opportunities are available to our people. We also implemented the ‘Networking Pool System’ to allow everyone to develop their networking skills and learn from others around them. The system includes 3 networking pools:

Networking Gurus
These are experienced networkers, who typically have access or are arranging the opportunities in question. We ask these people to consider whether such opportunities would benefit from involving another member of the firm, either from a cross-selling or client care perspective, or if a substitute attendee can be found if the Guru cannot attend.

Mid-Tier Networkers
Mid-Tier networkers are those who are confident in a networking environment and typically have an established practice area. People in this pool are encouraged to consider whether events are suitable for a Junior Networker to attend with them, or Networking Gurus for situations where senior representation may influence a growing relationship.

Junior Networkers
Junior Networkers are still developing their networking skills and want to do so with assistance from more senior members of the firm. The objective is that Junior Networkers are consistently provided with the chance to do so through the rest of the firm.

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