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As cohabitation specialist solicitors we have considerable experience in preparing Cohabitation Agreements which will set out the financial agreement in the unfortunate event of a separation. This can avoid the need for costly and unpleasant arguments at a later stage.

More and more couples are living together and are not married. Couples who live together do not benefit from the same protection under English law as married couples, and therefore without an agreement as to how property and other assets will be divided in the unfortunate event of separation, cohabitants are dependent on laws governing property and trusts when it comes to resolving financial matters. Due to the way in which English law has developed, interests in property can sometimes be established by one party without this being the intention of the other, even where they are not a joint owner.

Whether you are considering moving in with a partner or you are concerned as to how your finances will be affected following separation, our cohabitation experts are able to assist.

If you have already separated and require advice as to whether there is a potential claim against property, our cohabitation solicitors will be able to advise you as to your options.

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