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Children & LGBT Parenting Issues

Family separation can be an extremely difficult time for both parents and children.

This can often be exacerbated following the breakdown of a gay or lesbian relationship given there will inevitably be LGBT parenting issues surrounding the biological relationship to the child.

The law in this area has developed considerably over recent years following the introduction of various important pieces of legislation and the changing approach of the Courts. This has resulted in the need to carry out a complex assessment of legal parentage before any applications to the Court are made.

It is well established that a child’s birth mother will automatically be a legal parent. However, the identity of the other legal parent(s) will depend on the circumstances in which the child was conceived, the date on which the child was born, the marital/civil partnership status and the steps taken after the birth to formalise the legal status.

As specialists in this area of law, we are able to advise upon issues such as: who are the legal parents of a child, who is entitled (or otherwise needs permission) to apply to the Court for orders concerning a child’s welfare or living arrangements and who has financial responsibility for the child.

Both Katie Taft and Sean McNally are specialists in LGBT family law and are used to dealing with complex cases concerning children. Katie Taft is a Resolution Accredited Specialist in disputes involving children.

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