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How do I get an injunction?

If you need to stop an individual or a company from doing something, or when you need to compel somebody to perform some action for you, you may be able to make an application to the court in order to obtain an injunction.

This may include urgent applications against an insolvent company attempting to dispose of its assets. If an injunction is granted by the court, any breach of the injunction can result in asset-seizure, a fine or even imprisonment.

Types of injunctions

The most common types of injunction are:

  • Asset freezing injunctions (or a ‘freezing order’) – a court order that will restrain an individual or a company from removing assets from the jurisdiction, or otherwise disposing of them. Freezing injunctions can be domestic or worldwide;
  • Passport impounding orders or orders impounding any other documents that restrict a person’s movement;
  • Injunctions prohibiting unauthorised building works on land or property;
  • Injunctions in favour of landlords , prohibiting unauthorised use of premises;
  • Delivery up orders compelling an individual or a company to deliver up goods, documents, data or any personal items belonging to you (e.g. jewellery or pets) or your business.

How long does it take?

An injunction can be obtained within 24 hours if the situation warrants an urgent application.

Who pays?

If the injunction is successful, traditionally the successful applicant will recover their costs.

How we can help

There may be a vast range of circumstances in which you or your business may be entitled to an injunction. Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers will provide you with pragmatic and efficient advice, to lead you through this contentious process.

We have built a strong relationship with barristers that specialise in Civil Injunctions. As a team we have been successful in over 30 High Court injunction applications since 2011.

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