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Date Published:25 Mar 2020 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

Sports Clubs Urged to Seek Legal Advice Before Taking Action Regarding Player & Staff Contracts

Sports Law

In the current coronavirus climate, many sports clubs have been hit financially hard with pretty much all sport cancelled. With no income being generated from fans, finances are being stretched and owners are looking to reduce costs. Staff have been hit the hardest and have been asked to take reduced pay, hours or unpaid holidays to save costs.

This is absolutely fine but clubs need to ensure that they carry out this process correctly and that they comply with the relevant
employment laws so as to avoid legal claims being made against them by employees. We have already seen Barnet Football Club in the National League put their non-playing staff on notice of redundancy in emergency measures to attempt to keep the club afloat.

Our newly formed Sports Law Department has highly qualified employment lawyers to advise you on the best course of action to take.

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