E-commerce & Online Business

E-commerce and online retail businesses have to comply with numerous online and electronic commerce laws. That’s why it’s important to seek specialist commercial advice from experienced e-commerce solicitors.

The regulations affecting websites, e-commerce platforms and data protection laws are constantly changing in an attempt to keep up to date with the latest technological developments. 

Any online business or mobile app must ensure that the customer purchase process and the legal documentation are enforceable, up to date and adhere to regulations.

Our specialist commercial solicitors can advise on, prepare and negotiate standard terms of business and complex bespoke commercial agreements to protect your business and minimise risk if you operate offline.

We  can also assist with drafting an advising on:

  • Website terms of use
  • Data protection, cookies and privacy policies
  • Consumer rights (e.g. cancellation, descriptions, returns etc.)
  • Terms and conditions for the sale of goods or supply of services
  • Intellectual property rights (e.g. copyright, licensing and trademarks)

We’ll talk you through the legal requirements of selling online to both consumers and other businesses. We can also give your current website a legal health check and advise on your current website wording and documents.

Get in touch with one of our specialist  business solicitors for a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your business and legal requirements further. Or read up on our latest blog post: Buying or selling a business including eBay/Amazon or social media accounts.


What information should I display on my website?

Your legal entity name, contact details, company registration number and VAT registration number (if applicable) should be displayed amongst other things. We can get to know your business and let you know if there are any specific requirements for your sector.

What legal documentation should be available online?

Ideally, all websites should have terms and conditions of trade, privacy policy and website terms of use. We can also advise if any other specific documents for your business should be displayed and recommend certain web pages from a commercial perspective.

My business deals with both individuals and other businesses – can you help?

Of course. We can advise on the legal requirements of dealing with both consumers and businesses and the different obligations and recommendations for each. The laws of selling online are particularly complex when dealing with consumers but we are here to assist to make sure that you are complaint with consumer and online/distance selling laws.

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Our specialist teams can provide full service legal advice and assistance, providing practical and cost-effective solutions.

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