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Our insolvency solicitors regularly provide advice to creditors and debtors on numerous aspects of insolvency disputes.

Insolvency issues can be extremely complicated and costly for any individual or business, so it’s important to receive timely specialist advice from an insolvency lawyer.

We act for companies and individuals that are in financial difficulty and have a close relationship with some of the largest insolvency firms in the South West.

The type of work that we are frequently involved in includes:

  • Assisting individuals on making or resisting a bankruptcy petition or presenting a winding up petition
  • Advising companies on making or resisting a winding up petition or making bankruptcy petition
  • Enforcement of debtor or third party obligations/defaults/securities
  • Advising directors of their duties and responsibilities
  • Directors Disqualification
  • Advising insolvency practitioners on their appointments and assisting them with disputes arising during their administration or liquidation e.g. regarding repayment of directors loans or the unlawful payment of dividends
  • Transactions at an undervalue, defrauding creditors and preferences.
  • Wrongful and fraudulent trading, misfeasance and breach of duty claims against directors
  • Advising creditors on insolvency claims they may have; and
  • Injunctive relief i.e. a court order that prevents or makes a person or company do something.

Our insolvency solicitors will provide practical and commercial solutions to your insolvency problems.

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