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Our copyright solicitors have significant experience and expertise in dealing with a number of copyright-related issues, including:

  1. Pursuing or defending, claims for copyright infringement, including the infringement of copyright in computer software, designs, website content and photographs; and
  2. Advising on, and drafting, copyright license and assignment agreements.

In addition to the above, our lawyers are also able to assist and advise on a number of other intellectual property-related issues.

Copyright is owned by all businesses in one form or another and can be found in a variety of original and creative works, such as literary (e.g. website content, computer software, databases), artistic (e.g. photographs, drawings/paintings, sculptures), dramatic or musical works.

The protection of copyright is automatic in the UK and does not necessarily require registration. Except for trade marks, it is the longest-lasting form of intellectual property right and will generally last for the lifetime of the author plus a period of between 50 to 70 years.

There are a number of acts in relation to copyright works which are restricted by the law, including:

  1. Copying the whole or a substantial part of the work;
  2. Issuing copies of the work to the public;
  3. Renting or lending copies of certain works to the public;
  4. Communicating certain works to the public;
  5. Adapting literary, dramatic or musical works; and
  6. Authorising others to do any of the above

Copyright is a potentially valuable asset for an individual or business and any of the above acts may be carried out under a license or permission of the owner of the copyright. Contact our copyright solicitors to see how we can help.

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