Trademark Registration and Infringement

Your brands is your image and let’s face it, image is everything. It is vital that your brand is protected as soon as possible to prevent anybody else jumping on your “brand wagon”. Our trademark solicitors have significant experience in advising clients and helping them achieve trade mark registration. Such services include:

  • Carrying out detailed trademark registration checks and searches;
  • Trademark registration service in the UK, Europe and internationally;
  • Pursuing or defending claims for trademark infringement; and
  • Advising on, and drafting, trademark license and assignment agreements, sponsorship deals and franchising.

A business should always consider applying for trade mark protection as have a registered trade mark affords a business:

Greater protection and options in pursuing a claim against a third party for trademark infringement (e.g. using the trade mark without permission);

  • The opportunity to sell and/or license its branding to third parties; and
  • The use of the ® symbol which acts as a deterrent to potential infringers.

Our trademark solicitors are also able to assist and advise on a number of intellectual property-related matters. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.


Is there a difference between registered and unregistered trade marks?

A trade mark is still a trade mark whether registered or not. The benefit of having registered trade mark protection for your brand is that is may be easier to assert your rights under trade mark law against alleged infringers as opposed to having an unregistered mark. A registered trade mark is also attractive to third party investors as they will want to make sure that the brand and their investment is protected as far as possible.

When can I use the ™ and ® symbols?

You can use the TM symbol with your trade mark at any time as TM means that you are using your brand as a trade mark. You can only use the ® symbol if you have a registered trade mark, to do otherwise is now a criminal offence.

Does my UK trademark registration protect my brand all over the world?

Sadly not. Trade mark protection is generally territorial and therefore you will need to protect your brand name in each country in which it is used. We can work with our trade mark associates abroad and internationally to help with achieving trade mark protection in your required countries.

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