Probate Services

Our expert Probate solicitors pride themselves on providing an excellent value service by thoroughly and pragmatically administering estates.

Losing a loved one is an awful, upsetting and difficult time, and dealing with their affairs can often be challenging in the best of circumstances.

At Ellis Jones, our Probate Solicitors are able to offer a range of specialist services to assist you through this difficult time. We can deal with simple, straightforward estates and routine enquiries, all the way through to the more problematic estates, with experience, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Our Probate solicitors have dealt with an extensive range of work in this area and have experience in advising upon a full range of matters, including where:

  • The deceased has no family, funeral arrangements need to be made and property cleared
  • The deceased is partially insolvent (bankrupt)
  • The estate is subject to Inheritance Tax
  • There are assets abroad (there may be a foreign Will to consider)
  • There is farmland (and agricultural property relief is to be claimed)
  • There is a business (and business property relief is to be claimed)
  • There are assets to be auctioned, including art collections and furniture
  • The beneficiaries are unknown and have to be traced via genealogists
  • There are a number of beneficiaries living abroad
  • There are family disputes
  • Asset protection is paramount for future generations

Specialist Probate solicitors

Probate is the process of dealing with the estate of an individual who has recently passed away, where the person has a will and chosen an executor.  The executors will be responsible for collating information about the estate, deal with the necessary Inheritance Tax reporting, applying for the Grant of Probate, collecting in assets and paying all debts and expenses and eventually distributing the remaining estate to the beneficiaries.

Where there is no valid will, the Intestacy rules determine who can deal with a person’s estate and inherit from it if they pass away.

Click here to view our Guide to Estate Administration.

We thoroughly understand the grieving process and therefore deliver our advice in a professional, but sensitive and compassionate manner. Our team is highly skilled and trained in dealing with these types of situations and aims to find a solution that’s right for you.

We have experience in a range of different Probate matters including Grant of Probate, Deed of Variation and Inheritance Tax, Get in touch with a member of our team to speak to a specialist Probate solicitor and discover how we can help advise and support you with everything you need.


What is Probate?

When an individual passes away, Probate is the process of dealing with their estate which includes identifying the deceased’s assets, paying off any debts and distributing their assets in line with the instructions set out in their will.

When is Probate Required?

Probate is typically required when the value of a deceased person’s estate is over £10,000 and they are the sole owner of assets.  If most assets in the estate are jointly owned, Probate may not be needed.

How Long Does Probate Take?

The Probate process can vary enormously, from about 6 months in very simple cases to many years depending on the complexity of the estate.  The average estate may take around 9-12 months to complete.

Is Probate Required when a Spouse Dies?

Many estates do not require Probate at all.  If there’s only jointly-owned property and assets passing on to a spouse or partner, Probate is not usually needed.  Beware though, if the deceased owns assets jointly with someone other than a spouse or civil partner, the estate may still need to be reported for Inheritance Tax, and tax paid.

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