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Date Published:30 Nov 2017 Last Updated:26 Nov 2021

What if I have been accepted for voluntary redundancy and have a settlement agreement?

Employment Law Advice

Many large employers for example the NHS offer voluntary redundancy an alternative to compulsory redundancy.

An employer will often ask for volunteers for redundancy and make it clear that they are not obliged to accept those volunteers.

A voluntary redundancy usually includes an enhanced redundancy payment. If an employer accepts your offer of voluntary redundancy they will usually ask you to sign a settlement agreement (used to be called a compromise agreement).

If you have been given a settlement agreement, you will need to have it explained by an independent employment solicitor and your employer will pay for you to take this advice.

Ellis Jones has a lot of experience in advising employees about settlement agreements. Our employment lawyers understand that you will want an appointment quickly, and we can see you at any of our offices (Bournemouth, Canford Cliffs, Wimborne, Ringwood, Swanage, or London), see you at your house or explain the agreement over the phone – whichever is best for you.

We also understand that you will want us to cut through the jargon contained in the agreement and explain the agreement in plain English. We appreciate that you will want to be reassured that the agreement protects you as well as the employer.

Your employer will pay our costs in having the agreement explained and we send our invoice directly to the employer.

If you have been given a settlement, please contact Kate Brooks via email or call on 01202 057752.