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Settlement Agreement Negotiations

If you have been given a settlement agreement by your employer, they are quite daunting but do not worry, before agreeing to the settlement agreement you must obtain independent legal advice about the terms and effect of the agreement from settlement agreement solicitors. Your employer should pay for this advice.

What is a settlement agreement?

Settlement Agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements) can be entered into between employers and employees. A settlement agreement prevents an employee from bringing claims against their employer.

Employment Settlement Agreements are quite common; it is the only way that an employer can be sure that an employee will not bring a claim against them. It is possible for an employer to have a confidential and pre-termination conversation with their employee. This will usually result in a settlement agreement.

When an employee signs a Settlement Agreement they are signing away their right to bring a claim against their employer. As an employee you must be given independent legal advice about the terms of the Settlement Agreement. We have a lot of experience in relation to advising employees about settlement agreements.

Will I have to pay the settlement agreement solicitor fees?

Once you have been given a copy of the agreement we will see you to go through the potential claims that you may be settling, explain the agreement to you and advise you in relation to any changes to the wording so that you are protected.

The employer must pay a contribution for this legal advice meaning that there is usually no charge to the employee.

Settlement Agreements often contain confidentiality clauses so it is important that if you have been handed an agreement that you do not discuss its existence or content with anybody, in particularly colleagues, before seeking legal advice. Get in touch with our specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors to get the advice you need.

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