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DATE PUBLISHED: 16 Mar 2020 LAST UPDATED: 21 Feb 2024

Against All Odds…

This week the London Gambling Disputes team have secured a significant result against a major international betting operator for its failings to adhere to the requirements of the Social Responsibility Code.

The Facts

Our Client, during an extremely stressful time in their life, was drawn to the allure of online gambling with a devastating financial and emotional consequence. Our Client used savings, obtained short term loans and credit cards to maintain a gambling addiction that soared completely out of control without any interaction or preventative measures being undertaken by the betting operator.

The evidence was clear that our Client had a serious gambling problem and despite an eye watering number of cancelled withdrawals and the numerous credit cards used to place bets there was still no interaction from the betting operator. The transaction history and documents obtained during our initial investigation showed bets being placed throughout the night and early hours of the morning at an astonishing rate making it clear to anyone that there was no control in the level of gambling being undertaken by our Client.

Despite complaints to the company and the Gambling Commission, the betting operator refused to refund any of our Clients funds or acknowledge that they had acted in clear breach of the Social Responsibility Code and their gambling license.

Our Clients’ success

Once instructed, Ellis Jones took the complaint directly to the betting operator and raised issues based on the betting operator’s breach of their license conditions and failure to comply with their statutory and contractual obligations to our Client.

Despite initial resistance our Client was eventually offered 100% of their deposit amount with payment of interest and legal costs.

The result will have a massive impact on our Client’s life allowing them to repay the a substantial amount of credit card and personal debt incurred as a result their online gambling and more importantly will bring some closure to a very difficult time in our Client’s life.

Can Problem Gamblers Get Their Money Back?

Betting operators have a duty to protect vulnerable customers, including those suffering from mental health issues and gambling addictions, and to encourage customers to gamble responsibly and within their means.

To this end, betting operators are required to carry out identification checks, check source of funds and identify vulnerable individuals and interact with them properly. Failure to do this may allow a complaint to be raised and damages claimed.

How can Ellis Jones help you?

Our lawyers will be able to assess the merits of any potential claim or application, and will be able to advise you on the options available in a clear, sensitive and pragmatic way, whilst keeping you informed of the likely costs and providing a cost-benefit analysis of the case.

Please contact Solicitor, Paul Kanolik in the Gambling Dispute team in Bournemouth on 01202 525333 to discuss your matter.

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