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Solar Panel Mis-Selling

For a number of years, companies have been advising that buying a solar power system for your home is a great way to save and also earn money from the surplus electricity the system will generate. This extra electricity generated, could then be sold to the national grid for a guaranteed amount, through what is commonly referred to as the ‘feed in tariff’.

However, many companies misled customers about the benefits or costs of their solar panels. Consequently, many people used finance or credit to purchase solar panel systems and have been left with expensive monthly payments on top of still having to pay for their electricity.

Circumstances solar panels can be mis-sold

There are a number of circumstances in which solar panels may have been mis-sold. This could include where:

  • You were provided with misleading information about the amount of electricity your solar panel system would produce; or
  • You were provided with misleading information about the amount of money you would be paid under the feed in tariff.

How we can help

Our lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to review your complaint and advise on the most appropriate steps to take. We can help you recover the money that you have paid to date for your solar panel system, interest on those sums, and a release from your future payments under any associated finance agreement.

We will always consider your individual circumstances to provide tailored advice at an affordable cost.

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