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Mediation is one of a number of options for resolving disputes over money or children between couples on separation and divorce, which avoids going to Court.

The mediator is an impartial, experienced family lawyer who will help the parties explore the possibilities for resolving any conflict arising on divorce, civil partnership dissolution or separation and will facilitate negotiations. If a proposed agreement is reached through mediation, the mediator will prepare a document called a Memorandum of Understanding which reflects the terms of the proposed settlement.

Many couples choose to mediate (rather than litigate) when they are going through a divorce, civil partnership dissolution or separation. Mediation can assist in resolving any differences they have over finances, children, living arrangements and any other issues.

Deborah Leask, Katie Taft and Sean McNally are family lawyers who are also qualified and experienced mediators. With their dual qualification and specialist experience, they are able to provide clients with access to all options for resolving issues arising from family breakdown.

Deborah and Katie are also accredited mediators through The Law Society and the Family Mediation Council. Deborah, Katie and Sean are all members of Phoenix Mediation, a network of dual qualified Lawyer-Mediators in the Dorset and Hampshire area

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