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LGBT Discrimination

Experiencing discrimination in any aspect of your life is entirely unacceptable and can be emotionally distressing.

Our LGBT discrimination lawyers will be able to guide you through the protection from discrimination provided by the Equalities Act (2010), and reach a satisfactory outcome on your behalf.

Sexual orientation discrimination is not just prohibited in the workplace. Individuals are also protected from sexuality discrimination when:

  • Using Public services for example doctor, dentist, or hospital
  • In education for example college or school
  • Purchasing products (such as in shops or petrol stations)
  • Using businesses that offer financial and other services for example banks and insurance brokers
  • Using trades people such as builders
  • Using estate agents and letting companies when purchasing or letting property
  • Joining and using clubs for example gym, golf, tennis clubs
  • Taking part in leisure activities and holidays, examples including; hotels, restaurants, cafes, theatres.
  • When having goods designed or manufactured.

Discrimination because of sexuality can be one of the following:

  • Direct – treating one person less favourably than another because of sexuality
  • Indirect – when a way of doing something has a detrimental impact on someone of a particular sexuality
  • Harassment – making a person feel humiliated, offended or degraded because of their sexuality
  • Victimisation – treating a person of a particular sexuality badly because they have made a previous complaint of sexual orientation discrimination.

Our team of LGBT discrimination lawyers have a vast amount of experience both in relation to: helping businesses navigate through and comply with the discrimination legislation; and helping individuals obtain redress against organisations that have treated them badly as a result of sexuality.

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