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Accident at Work Claims
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Dangerous Machinery

Many of today’s workplaces rely on machinery. This machinery is often dangerous and can cause accidents if it is not maintained, properly guarded or used correctly. Inadequate training, lack of protective gear or faulty machinery can all lead to accidents at work and can cause severe and long lasting injuries.

Your employer is under a legal duty to ensure that all safeguards are in place and that all machinery is used properly and safely. Adequate safety equipment and training must be provided.

Our specialist lawyers have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for workers injured as a result of dangerous machinery.

One example of a case we have won was for a Machine Operator who caught his hand in a manual lathe. A guard should have been in place to prevent his hand getting caught in the lathe. He sustained permanent injuries to his left hand and shoulder. We were able to get physiotherapy and psychological treatment for the client at no cost to him. His claim involved a large claim for loss of earnings (past & future). The total settlement obtained for the client was over £150,000.00.

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