Back Injuries

Our specialist back injuries solicitors have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for employees who have suffered back injuries at work. Our solicitors have significant experience in dealing with minor injury claims through to catastrophic life changing injury claims.

If you have injured your back in an accident at work that was not your fault, you may be able to make a claim. This may be as a result of lifting heavy items or being hit by something.

Will making a claim against my Employer affect my employment prospects?

  • All Employers should have employer’s liability insurance to cover any accident claims.
  • Your employer could be in breach of employment laws if they discriminate against you for making a claim.
  • We can help you recover from your injuries by making a claim and get you back to work as quickly as possible.
  • In our experience, employers do not take offence or make life difficult for employees if they make a claim. Their insurers will only make a compensation payment if we can prove negligence or that they have breached regulations.

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How much compensation can you get for back injury claims?

The level of compensation you can receive for an accident causing a back injury will depend upon the severity of the problem.

Back injuries are usually classified into three different categories, minor, moderate and severe. This will have some effect on the level of compensation you will be awarded.

There is no fixed compensation level for a back injury as every claim is unique, injuries can range from aches and muscular pains through to spinal fractures and torn or ruptured discs. The level of compensation is calculated using previous case law and the Judicial College Guidelines and will depend upon severity, complexity and circumstance. Below are some of the claim amounts for minor injuries based upon the JC Guidelines, this is provided as a rough guide only:

Where a full recovery or a recovery to nuisance level takes place without surgery within about two to five years. This bracket will also apply to shorter term acceleration and/or exacerbation injuries, usually between two to five years.

£6,920 to £10,970

Where a full recovery takes place without surgery between three months and two years. This bracket will also apply to very short-term acceleration and/or exacerbation injuries, usually less than two years.

£2,150 to £6,920

Where a full recovery is made within three months.

Up to £2,150

How much does it cost to make a back injury claim?

Our specialist no win no fee back injury solicitors may take on your claim for back injury on a Conditional Fee Agreement which will mean that there will be no upfront cost to you in making a claim. A conditional fee agreement (no win no fee agreement) will mean there is no financial risk to you, subject to your compliance with the terms of the agreement.

If you win your case your opponent will cover the majority of your legal fees and any remaining fees will be deducted from your compensation at the very end of the claim.

If your claim is unsuccessful you will not pay our fees, an insurance policy can also be taken out at the outset of the claim to cover disbursements and your opponents legal fees and costs.

What is the process for back injury claims?

The process for making a back injury claim is the same as a claim for any other personal injury suffered and follows the usual process, detailed below.

Pre-Action Protocol

Your personal injury solicitor will first need to identify the party at fault for your accident, they will then be sent a “letter of claim” which will set out in detail exactly what happened to you and any injuries suffered, both physical and psychological as far as they can be assessed at the time.

The third party has 21 days to respond and acknowledge a “letter of claim” this may be acknowledgement directly from the company or individual, through their solicitors or via their insurers. The vast majority of claims will be passed to the defendant’s insurance company and they will likely deal with the claim on their behalf.

Evidence of the Accident

If liability is not admitted by the other party within the given 21 days, they will receive a further 3 months to investigate the claim, during this period it is important to provide as much evidence as possible to support the claim, this may involve obtaining a police report, CCTV evidence or witness statements.

Medical Evidence of injury

You will need to obtain medical evidence which will provide details of the injuries you have suffered and a prognosis as well as recommendations for any further treatment, such as physiotherapy.

Negotiating a Settlement

Before formal legal proceedings are commenced both parties can try to reach a settlement by negotiation whether liability has previously been accepted or denied. The fact is that all parties involved want a fair and reasonable settlement as quickly as possible to reduce legal costs and court time.

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