Our betting, gambling and gaming solicitors act for individuals who have bet outside of their means, and may have lost funds which they were not authorised to bet with, such as family savings, trust funds, or borrowed/misappropriated money.

Betting with unauthorised funds includes instances when the source of funds lost to betting operators is not authorised, our team of expert betting solicitors can help to support and assist you in recovering your funds in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Additionally, our team of specialists can assist you in recovering monies which have been stolen, or misappropriated, by a third party and then been used for gambling purposes.

All betting operators are under a legal obligation to verify the source of funds with which an individual is gambling with. Where a customer earning a modest wage is depositing sums of huge amounts, in the tens of thousands of pounds, clearly betting operators should be vigilant to the possibility that the funds are not entirely authorised or legitimate; unfortunately, however, this is not always the case.

Recover losses stemming from unauthorised funds

Our legal team of experienced solicitors able to provide expert advice and assistance in relation to disputes between individuals and betting operators, in order to try and recover losses stemming from unauthorised funds.

Ellis Jones Solicitors’ Betting, Gambling & Gaming team are specialists in acting for clients with gambling and betting claims. Our years of experience and expertise in the field means we can act quickly and offer a reliable service to those who may be struggling with financial loss, following gambling addiction and mental health issues.

We have experience of dealing with and resolving gambling matters in a number of different ways and have been incredibly successful in doing so. Get in touch with our gambling dispute specialists on 01202 525333, or send us an email to discuss your case and how we may be able to assist you in recovering your losses.


Can you bet with unauthorised funds?

While it is possible, in certain circumstances, to place bets with unauthorised funds, such as borrowed money, credit, trust funds or family savings for example, this could in certain circumstances be a breach of the law or the betting operator’s terms and conditions. This can therefore lead to disputes between individuals and betting operators to recover losses stemming from these unauthorised funds and payments.  

Can you gamble with credit cards and loans?

Whilst it may be technically possible to gamble using monies from credit cards and loans, the Gambling Commission has made it illegal for gambling businesses to accept bets and gambling payments from credit cards. In certain circumstances, there may arguably be an obligation on betting operators to also check customers’ source of funds and that they are not betting beyond their means.

Does gambling affect your credit rating?

Gambling can affect your credit scores and ratings and impact things like mortgage applications, however, this impact may be minimal for most people, unless there is a pattern of unhealthy and irresponsible gambling behaviour or where this may lead to exceeding account limits or defaulting on payments.

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