Jonathan Morrissey

Consultant Solicitor and Head of Crime, Motoring Matters & Inquests

DATE PUBLISHED: 03 Feb 2022 LAST UPDATED: 21 Jul 2023

Upcoming changes to motoring laws regarding use of phones

Our specialist Motoring Department have today asked us to broadcast forthcoming changes to the law relating to mobile telephones.

From 25th March the law is being tightened to now include almost any hand held use of a mobile phone when your vehicle is in motion.

As the law today stands you do not commit an offence if your phone is not communicating with the outside world.

From 25th March you will be committing such an offence even if you are just adjusting volume or changing musical tracks.

The penalty is a fine and six points so please be very careful.

For further information on exceptions and defences please feel free to call our expert criminal team on 01202 525333.

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