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DATE PUBLISHED: 10 Mar 2016 LAST UPDATED: 09 Jun 2021

Tinder dating app is being sued for sexual harassment

The aim of the Tinder dating app is to create relationships. Unfortunately the breakdown of a relationship within the workplace at Tinder has led to the company that owns the tinder app and several individuals being sued for what would be a discrimination claim in the UK.

Despite the fact that this claim is being pursued in the USA, the allegations are all valid discrimination claims in the UK courts. There are different types of discrimination for example direct discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

It has been reported that the allegations include the following:

  1. Removal of the title of co-founder because of the claimant’s sex – example of an allegation of direct discrimination in UK law;
  2. Being publicly insulted by the chief marketing officer for example being called a “whore” at a company party – sexual harassment in UK law;
  3. Being sent inappropriate messages by the chief marketing officer – sexual harassment in UK law;
  4. Chief Executive Officer ignored the complaints – direct discrimination or victimisation in UK law.

In the Tinder case it is reported that accused and the victim had a sexual relationship. This will make no difference to whether a person can bring a claim.

As a result company’s are advised to have rules in place about inter work relationships. At the very least managers should be aware of these relationships so that precautions can be taken if the relationship breaks down.

The first step to defending a discrimination/sexual harassment claim is to show that you have robust polices in place which will include anti harassment and bullying and equal opportunities.

Discrimination claims can be lodged against companies and individuals and can lead to months of very expensive and humiliating litigation.

If a complaint of discrimination is received, this should be taken very seriously and in order to protect itself the business should take open precautionary steps for example suspend the accused pending an investigation.

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Similarly if you have been accused of discrimination, harassment or victimisation at work please get in touch.

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