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Date Published:12 Apr 2019 Last Updated:18 Jan 2022

The Dobbs Review- impending 18 April 2019 deadline for victims to speak out

Banking & Finance Litigation


The Dobbs Review was set up in 2017 following the criminal convictions of Lynden Scourfield, David Mills and four of their associates.

Dame Linda Dobbs, a retired high court judge, was appointed by the board of Lloyds Banking Group to undertake a thorough investigation into whether issues of fraud and/ or corruption in relation to HBOS’ Reading branch were handled appropriately by Lloyds following its take over of HBOS in January 2009. Many SME customers suffered terribly at the hands of HBOS and, for the majority, are yet to get any closure.

The Dobbs Review will assess whether issues relating to HBOS which Lloyds knew, or should have known with reasonable diligence, were properly investigated and appropriately reported to the relevant authorities.

Although the timescale of the Review covers the eight years from January 2009, when Lloyds took over HBOS, until January 2017 when the criminal trial ended, the Dobbs Review is also open to examining evidence prior to the takeover as this is directly relevant to the issue of what Lloyds should reasonably have known.

Although at this time the Dobbs Review is not a compensatory process, we remain hopeful that, eventually, the report provided at the end of the Review may lead to an opportunity to obtain further redress for victims of the fraud.


Dame Linda Dobbs has been undertaking her review for some time already and has now made an official call for as many victims as possible to get in touch and help with investigations.

In light of this, Dame Linda Dobbs has set a deadline of 18 April 2019 for victims to express their interest in participating in the Dobbs Review.


If you would like to get involved, we would be more than happy to assist you with this and can get in touch with the Dobbs Review on your behalf to confirm. Following this confirmation, we will be in touch to set up a mutually convenient informal meeting in which you can present evidence to be considered by the Dobbs Review.

In addition, we can also help prepare submissions and evidence for consideration within the Dobbs Review. Lloyds have confirmed that they will be covering pre-approved legal fees for undertaking work in relation to your inclusion within the Dobbs Review.

Please contact William Fox Bregman, partner and head of the Banking and Finance Litigation department, on 01202 057740 or william.foxbregman@ellisjones.co.uk to find out how we can help you further.