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DATE PUBLISHED: 27 Jan 2022 LAST UPDATED: 21 Jul 2023

Temporary extension to SSP self-certification has ended

Employees can self-certify for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) purposes for up to 7 days. If their absence lasts more than 7 days, they need to provide a doctor’s fit note to their employer.

A temporary extension was put in place where employee’s could self-certify for up to 28 days before being required to provide a doctor’s fit note, to enable GP’s to focus on COVID-19 boosters and emergency care. The temporary extension applied to sickness absences from 10 December 2021, and ended yesterday (Wednesday 26 January 2022).

From today, Thursday 27 January 2022, self-certification rules will return to normal, which means that employees will be able to self-certify for up to 7 days before being required provide a doctor’s fit note.

Sick pay and employment contracts

Employees are legally entitled to be provided with a written statement of employment particulars on the first day of employment, usually set out in employment contracts. One compulsory term is to provide information on sickness, i.e. sick pay entitlement and the sickness absence procedure. The information on sick pay can either confirm that SSP will be payable (subject to the employee qualifying for SSP) and any enhanced company sick pay (including employee eligibility). The process would usually include notification for reporting absence i.e. who to notify on the first day of absence, and when to notify.

Alongside a sickness absence clause, we always recommend having a clear sickness absence policy in place, particularly as this will ensure all staff are treated consistently and fairly.

Free health check of your employment documents

It is important to have legally compliant and up-to-date employment documents in place, particularly as employment law changes frequently.

We are more than happy to carry out a no obligation free health check of your employment contracts and any policies, and make any recommendations on where updates need to be made, terms can be improved and suggestions of new content dependant on the nature of the business.

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