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DATE PUBLISHED: 13 Mar 2020 LAST UPDATED: 11 Mar 2021

Statutory Sick Pay Update

Following the Budget there have been some tweaks to statutory sick pay (SSP) which means:

1. If employees are told to self isolate they will be entitled to SSP from day one.

2. Employers with less than 250 employees will be likely to be able to claim back 2 weeks of SSP as a result of Coronavirus absence.

SSP is £94.25 per week and employees must have been earning at least £118 per week to qualify.

Employers can use discretion to pay more.

Employees will not necessarily be entitled to full contractual sick pay as they may not be sick. That being said, employees are encouraged to treat isolation as sickness in order to discourage employees going to work when there is a risk of spreading.

If the whole workplace closes, employees will be likely to be entitled to full pay.

For more information on the Budget please click here.

If you are concerned and require more information regarding Coronavirus please see related blogs below.

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