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Date Published:25 Jul 2016 Last Updated:25 Oct 2021

Sports Direct Employment Practices

Employment Law Advice

BIS report of Sports Direct employment practices contains much criticism of the company and describes the company’s employment practices as closer to that of a Victorian Workhouse than that of a modern, reputable High Street retailer.

The full report can be found here.

Unite representatives have stated that the way to put things right is to put the workers on fixed-hour, permanent contracts. Once again there has been much criticism of the lack of rights afforded to agency workers/workers on zero hours contracts in the press.

The very nature of worker status is that it affords individuals more rights than self employed but less than employees. My opinion is that there is a place in the workplace for worker/zero hour contracts but only if the motivation behind such contracts is not to exploit the individual. Worker contracts can work really well for individuals who have a genuine desire to carry out work as and when on an ad hoc basis.

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