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Date Published:17 Jun 2020 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

Police Station visits go digital during Coronavirus Pandemic


Many of us for whatever reason may have been contacted by the Police and asked to attend the Police Station for what the Police may call “a chat”, “a few words”, or a Voluntary Interview. This request may be made by letter, by phone call or by various other means.

Whatever way in which this request is made, the reason for the request is to obtain evidence. This could be in connection with a Motoring Offence for instance or indeed a host of other matters.

In such circumstances all individuals are entitled to Legal Advice, something which is widely known and to which the Police are obliged to refer.

People today may be worried about having to make unnecessary journeys to the Police Station, some may be worried about social distancing within the Police Station, and some may have reservations about going out at all.

We are here to advise you that there are currently Protocols in place whereby all contact with the Police can take place from your home digitally without the need to put yourselves in harm’s way. Video links and contact by webcam can easily take place in a safe environment if the Police are insistent that an interview takes place without delay.

Out team of experts equally have such facilities and are here to assist you at any time without the need to leave your home, fully functional and contactable either by telephone, email or web enquiry.

For help and advice please contact Jonathan Morrissey on or 01202 057775.