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Date Published:06 Apr 2017 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

National Living Wage does apply to workers aged 25 plus

Employment Law Advice

In April 2016 the national living wage became a legal minimum requirement for workers 25 years and over. You are legally obliged to pay your workers the following rates (increased on 1st April 2017 and in place from this date):

25 and over: £7.50

21 to 24: £7.05

18 to 20: £5.60

Under 18: £4.05

Apprentice: £3.50

National Minimum Wage Rates

The national living wage should not be confused with the living wage which is a recommended rate set by the living wage foundation. The current recommended living wage is £8.45 and £9.75 in London and is calculated based on what the foundation believe people need to live on.

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