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Date Published:05 Feb 2019 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

Hermes’ Self Employed Plus Scheme

Employment Law Advice

GMB are praising Hermes for agreeing to offer self employed couriers up to 28 days holiday and a higher hourly rate. They have named the option “self employed plus” which allows the couriers to opt to enjoy the flexibility of self employment but get the benefit of holiday.

The decision follows a tribunal judgment which found that the Hermes couriers were actually workers rather than self employed and therefore entitled to workers rights. This is one of several high profile cases where individuals have succeeded in proving employment status.

It seems to be the case from recent judgments that employment tribunals want to find employment status. This statement from Hermes appears to be a way of trying to reverse some of the bad press about gig economy and the relationship with individuals.

There is a big question mark over how HMRC will view Hermes’ self employed plus status. Watch this space!

For more information please click here to read coverage from the BBC.

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