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DATE PUBLISHED: 17 Aug 2020 LAST UPDATED: 10 Mar 2021

Cycle Injury Claims Double

A leading insurer last week reported that injury claims involving cyclists has doubled in recent months.

As one of the leading cycle injury claims specialists in the country, David McWilliam, Head of Personal Injury at Ellis Jones, who is a keen cyclist, has found that there has certainly been an increase in cycling claims during lockdown. At the start of lockdown, the roads were quiet and a lot more people went out on their bikes. Bike shops were one of the businesses that were allowed to remain open and they have found bike sales have increased dramatically.

At the end of June, it was reported that 1.3 million Britons had purchased a bike during the coronavirus lockdown as people wanted to take advantage of the quieter roads and allow themselves to exercise.

At the end of the nationwide lockdown, more and more traffic was on the roads and we then saw an increase in the amount of cycling injury claims.

We have dealt with a number of cycling accident claims involving the following circumstances:-

  • Collisions on roundabouts, where the cyclist is established.
  • Vehicles turning right across a correctly proceeding cyclist.
  • Cars pulling into parking spaces and colliding with cyclists.
  • Car doors being opened into the path of a cyclist.
  • Close passes.

I was almost hit on a mini roundabout last week when a car, who I thought had seen me and I was established on the roundabout, suddenly pulled onto the roundabout and if I had not shouted loudly, I am sure that I would have been hit.

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