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International Child Abduction

Parental child abduction takes place where one parent takes or keeps a child abroad without the consent of the other parent or the permission of a Court.

Our family department is a member of the Ministry of Justice, International Child Abduction & Contact Unit specialist panel of solicitors and is regularly instructed in relation to Child Abduction proceedings. Free, non-means, non-merits tested public funding is available to parents whose children have been abducted to the United Kingdom. This will be arranged on your behalf as soon as your instructions are received.

It is crucial that all cases where a child has been abducted are dealt with as quickly as possible by a highly experienced solicitor who is used to dealing with these types of cases. If steps are not taken as soon as a child is removed it can become extremely difficult to locate both the child and the abducting parent.

Katie Taft and Victoria Batstone have considerable experience in this field and are regularly instructed to represent clients in both the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Katie Taft is listed as a specialist lawyer by Reunite, a charity set up to support parents dealing with international child abduction.

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