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As fertility solicitors we offer specialist legal advice to families and individuals who are creating families through surrogacy, donor conception and IVF.

We feel privileged that we are here to support you throughout your journey, helping you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Our fertility solicitors have a wealth of experience in fertility law, helping families and providing specialist legal advice tailored to suit your circumstances. We care about what we do, and we are here to guide you through an exciting but often challenging time in your life.

We know that when you are planning a family, fertility law can be frustrating and confusing, so our advice is always clear, practical, and bespoke to your situation.

If you would like to find out more about how our fertility solicitors can help, please call us on 01202 525333 or send us an email.

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We have helped many parents who are building their families through surrogacy, and we offer specialist advice to parents who are planning or have had children through surrogacy both in the UK and overseas.

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Surrogacy Disputes

We are here to help you if things go wrong at any point in your surrogacy journey.

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Donor Conception
& Co-parenting

Planning to start or grow your family is an exciting time. Whether you are planning to conceive with a donor or want to co-parent with someone you know, it’s important for you to have a clear picture of the legal framework, and how your plans may impact on important issues like legal parentage. We can help you shape your plans to give your family the best possible start.

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Fertility Treatment

We offer specialist advice on the legal issues that may arise when you or family member has been through or is undergoing fertility treatment.

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Step Parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption is a process which enables someone who lacks legal parental status to become a legal parent. We can advise you about the process and support you through it.

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Mediation is one of a number of options for resolving disputes over money or children between couples on separation and divorce, which avoids going to Court.

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Suzi Denton  - Associate Solicitor

Suzi Denton

Associate Solicitor

Katie Taft - Partner, Solicitor & Mediator

Katie Taft

Partner, Solicitor & Mediator