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Date Published:20 May 2021 Last Updated:18 Jan 2022

What are the rules regarding e-scooters?

Personal Injury Claims

E-scooters are increasing in popularity. As they are powered by a motor they are classed as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle. They can be used on private land with the permission of the land owner. It is illegal for them to be used on public road.

Trials of rental e-scooters are taking place in the UK. Only in the areas where the trials are taking place is it legal to use the rental e-scooters, from specific companies, on roads.

As such, there are initiatives such as the Beryl e-scooters, which are scooters for hire. When hiring an e-scooter through Beryl, their vehicle insurance will cover you for any accident you are involved in whilst the e-scooter is in use.

There are some rules which must be complied with if a scooter is hired through Beryl. Failure to comply with these rules invalidates the insurance. It can also result in an on-the-spot fine or prosecution. Therefore, it is important that the hirer is aware of the rules which are as follows:

To ride a Beryl e-scooter you must –

  • Have a UK valid driving licence or provisional licence;
  • Be aged 16 or over;
  • Have a registered account via the Beryl app;
  • Only ride on cycle lanes or on the road.

You must not-

  • Register with another person’s drivers licence;
  • Ride on the pavements or anywhere indoors;
  • Ride using someone else’s Beryl account;
  • Ride with a passenger;
  • Ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It is advisory to remove headphones and ear pods and to wear a helmet.

Latest figures show more than 70 people have been injured, 11 of which were seriously hurt, during the e-scooter trials.

Beryl have introduced some ‘Go Slow’ and ‘No Go Zones’ in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area to improve safety during the summer months. As of 26 May 2021 new zones will be in place where scooters will automatically and gradually reduce their speed to walking pace. These areas include Christchurch and Bournemouth’s promenade throughout the summer.

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