‘Tough Mudders’ are ‘Gearing Up’ for a ‘Run’ of charity fitness fundraisers
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Date Published:10 Mar 2016 Last Updated:24 Oct 2021

‘Tough Mudders’ are ‘Gearing Up’ for a ‘Run’ of charity fitness fundraisers

There is an apprehensive buzz around our offices at the moment with our staff preparing for a trio of fitness fundraising events.

On Sunday 8 June 2014 we will be taking part in the Dorset Coast & Harbour Bike Ride in support of the Lewis-Manning Hospice. 9 of us will be taking part mainly on the 33/35 mile route although there are speculative rumours flying around that an elite few may be considering the 55 or even 100 mile routes (not me I hasten to add!). A full list of those taking part is below.

On Sunday 15 June 2014 we will be taking part in Bournemouth’s Race for Life in support of Cancer Research. The race begins at Bournemouth pier. To help raise sponsorship we have organised a bake sale next week combining two themes: pink and sport.

On 25 October 2014 a surprisingly large group of us will be taking part in the Tough Mudder event in Winchester. 16 of us are currently signed up to this, however, I expect that number will reduce somewhat when they all realise that apart from climbing walls and wading through mud they will also have to make their way through freezing water with hanging electrified cables and jump through fire! (I think I can suddenly feel that old knee injury coming back…)

Our Dorset Coast Cyclists: Kate Brooks, David McWilliam, Paul Kanolik, Sean McNally, Luke Baldwin, Daniel Pidgley, Hannah Roberts and Gustav Patrick

Our Race for Life Runners: Catherine Tree, Sabre King, Jenny Treasure, Charlotte Griffin, Val Sims, Victoria Batstone, Theresa Hancock and Stephanie Wilson

Our Tough Mudder Team: Lauren Day, Nigel Smith, Sean McNally, Nigel Taylor, Daniel Pidgley, Carl Arreghini, Luke Baldwin, Theresa Hancock, Mark Stutter, Hannah Roberts, Kate Brooks, Neil Cook, Gustav Patrick, Charlotte Whiteway, Sam Willey and Bethanie Watson.