DATE PUBLISHED: 27 Mar 2019 LAST UPDATED: 15 Mar 2021

The Ellis Jones Star

At Ellis Jones we highly value our staff and encourage them to work hard to ensure that we are all achieving our best throughout the Firm. It is also important to us that we are giving recognition to one specific staff member each month that deserves to be praised for their hard work.

The Ellis Jones Star takes place once every month and with the purpose of encouraging hard work and determination. It is also a great opportunity for staff to praise their colleagues, and for the Firm to reward those that go above and beyond for their clients.The Ellis Jones Star is one person in the Firm that has been nominated by their fellow colleagues as the employee who has best displayed our firm’s Core Values.

Our Core Values are to;

  • Create a positive environment for your team and the office as a whole.
  • Provide support to your colleagues around you and to clients.
  • Create strong relationships throughout your own work and within the office to create a positive environment.
  • Taking responsibility, whether this be within your own work or to engage in additional roles i.e. Eco-Warriors.

At the end of the month all nominations are reviewed and the winner is announced on Ellis Jones Day. As a reward for winning the Ellis Jones Star, staff can choose between a £50 Amazon voucher or an extra days holiday.

The Ellis Jones Star is a fantastic way for the Firm to reward someone each month that truly deserves it. This also encourages staff to engage in the Firm’s initiative and is something that staff are proud to win.

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