DATE PUBLISHED: 11 Apr 2019 LAST UPDATED: 15 Mar 2021

Success at the London Bike Show 2019!

This was our 4th time at the show and by far our busiest ever with almost 1000 competition entries to win a cycling bundle worth £400! 14 people managed to guess the answer correctly and the lucky winner was drawn out of a hat.

As one of the leading cycle accident solicitors in the UK, we love being at the show and meeting fellow cyclists and sharing stories with them. Over the years, we have represented many cyclists that have been injured and that we met at the show. We have then recovered significant compensation payments for them. Some examples are : –

Road cyclist hit by a car turning right across his path. Concussion, fractures to cheekbone/jaw and extensive dental treatment required. Damages awarded £105,000.

Cyclist jumped a red light at traffic lights and was hit by a transit van. We were able to recover £30,000 net damages after getting some liability in the cyclist’s favour as a result of the driver not using the lanes correctly. A leading cycling barrister turned the case down as he did not think that we would win. We did!

Road cyclist hit on a roundabout by car pulling out in front of him. Extensive lacerations to arm resulting in permanent scarring. Neck and back injuries. Damages awarded £14,000.

Cyclist in London hit by a car door that was opened in his path. Fractured shoulder requiring surgery. Damages awarded £6,300.

We are always keen to meet as many cyclists as possible and help them understand how we can help them if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a cycling accident. David McWilliam and the specialist cycling team know the industry inside out and can provide a first class claims service to get the injured cyclist back on their bike as soon as possible after an accident.

Free rehabilitation can be provided and interim payments obtained for the repairs or replacement value of the bike, clothing and helmet.

If you would like to speak to us about any cycling accident that you may have had, please call David McWilliam on 01202 057710 or email him at

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