DATE PUBLISHED: 22 Aug 2018 LAST UPDATED: 18 Mar 2021

Recycling. We do. Because it matters.

Reducing waste and looking for eco-friendly alternatives to the way we do things has quickly become one of our priorities here at Ellis Jones. Our Eco Warriors are continually striving to reduce the impact we have, as a firm, on the environment.

To achieve this our Eco Warriors have introduced a number of changes to the firm’s recycling and approach to becoming more eco-friendly. It is their priority to create a recycling culture, and to educate the firm on the importance of recycling, reducing waste and looking for sustainable alternatives.

Some of the changes made to date, include implementing new recycling facilities, seeking to replace disposable soap dispensers with refillable soap dispensers and removing all disposable plastic cups in our reception areas with glasses. Where possible the team are also seeking to use plumbed in water dispensers across our offices instead of bottled water.

To encourage further recycling we shall be taking part in National Recycle Week, 24th – 30th of September. Now in its 15th year the aim of the week is to educate and encourage people to recycle more than they usually would. We are working with
Ideas2Action, a local charity, to increase the amount we recycle, whilst also raising funds for many worthy causes.

Whilst working towards the firm’s goal to becoming an environmentally sustainable and responsible business, our Eco Warriors have been sharing the eco-tips they have adopted with the firm such as:-

– Always remember your reusable cups and avoid disposable ones;

– On nights out refuse plastics straws and stirrers – they’re not essential;

– For those that shop online, send the plastic packaging back to the company, to dispose of responsibly, using the free return

– And finally don’t be afraid to give feedback to companies on unnecessary packaging; you’ll be surprised at how responsive they can be.

Greenpeace have recently started a petition to encourage Supermarkets to follow Iceland’s lead in making their own brand products plastic free. To sign the petition, please click here. It may not seem it, but this petition could potentially influence other Supermarkets and brands in general, to join the plastic free lifestyle which would have a huge impact on the environment.

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