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DATE PUBLISHED: 08 Nov 2018 LAST UPDATED: 09 Jun 2021

New report shows more than half of LGBT people suffered from depression over the last year

A new report from the UK’s leading LGBT charity Stonewall has found that 52% of LGBT people have suffered from depression over the last year. It also found that 13% of LGBT people aged 18-24 attempted to end their own life, and 46% of trans people
have thought about ending their own life. These figures are shocking, and are way out of proportion with the estimates for depression in the general UK population.

The report also found that LGBT people were experiencing hostility and discrimination when they were accessing healthcare. 13% of LGBT people said that had experienced unequal treatment from healthcare staff because they were LGBT, including people being ‘outed’ without their consent. Also very concerning is the fact that 14% of LGBT people said they avoided seeking healthcare treatment because they were worried about discrimination.

The results of the report are really worrying, and highlight how much work needs to be done to ensure that LGBT people are treated equally, and can access healthcare without fear of discrimination. Following the report, Stonewall is campaigning for better training of health and social care staff, to show them how they can better support LGBT patients.

We provide support to many LGBT people who are building their families through surrogacy, donor conception and co-parenting, and understand that your journey to parenthood may not have always been smooth. We also help families who are going through separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution, and are sensitive to the issues which separating same-sex couples face.

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