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Legal Placement

DATE PUBLISHED: 14 Nov 2023 LAST UPDATED: 24 Jan 2024

My Experience as a Legal Placement Student

Upon enrolling at Bournemouth University to pursue a degree in law, my foremost aspiration had been to secure a legal placement during my third year of university. This endeavour was conceived with the intent of providing me the opportunity to refine my practical skills, as well as to expand my substantive knowledge of law. It is my belief that a placement year would serve to distinguish me from my peers in the field.

Working in a firm that furnishes the indispensable pillars of support and knowledge necessary to establish a foundational foothold in the world of law is essential and Ellis Jones has played an instrumental role in this for me. Ellis Jones wants you to feel that by the end of your placement, you have pushed yourself and feel a great sense of achievement with the work you have been involved in.

Why Ellis Jones?

The Ellis Jones core values are fundamental principles that run throughout the firm. If prioritising nurturing relationships founded on mutual trust and support, while also upholding the values of accountability within a constructive and positive workplace, an Ellis Jones placement should be without a doubt the route to follow in pursuing your legal career aspirations.

My experience so far

I am currently working in the Dispute Resolution Department. Dispute Resolution is continuous and revolves around two or more parties with disagreements and conflicts. My primary responsibility revolves around managing new enquiries, which entails the task of engaging with both prospective clients and established ones. The objective is to extract comprehensive details regarding their respective cases.

As I have continued in this role, I have been exposed to an extensive array of disputes, and it continually astonishes me how diverse and multifaceted these cases can be. Over time, I have cultivated a set of competencies that enable me to converse with clients in a manner that is both professional and personable. This experience has allowed me to identify the critical information required from our clients, thus ensuring that their initial contact with our firm is both informative and reassuring.

Serving as the initial point of contact in potential disputes, I am often retained in the loop concerning subsequent tasks undertaken by the lawyers on behalf of the clients. This collaborative approach ensures that I can offer ongoing support and assistance throughout the lifecycle of the matter.

My experience so far has been nothing short of surreal, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of privilege in being a part of this exceptional team. The unwavering support and guidance I have received throughout this journey have been invaluable. I believe that any prospective candidate thinking about a placement opportunity would be wise to accord Ellis Jones the utmost priority on their list of considerations.

Ellis Jones offer a variety of career opportunities, including legal placements, vacation schemes and training contracts. Visit our Key Dates for Applications page to see all application deadlines.

How can we help?

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