Military Deafness and Hearing Loss
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Date Published:12 Mar 2019 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

Military Deafness and Hearing Loss

Personal Injury Claims

When working in the military you can often be exposed to loud noises for prolonged periods of time, particularly when working on the front line. Exposure to such excessive loud noise can often lead to Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

The MoD are responsible for ensuring that servicemen are protected against NIHL and owe a duty of care to safeguard from hearing damage by providing adequate protection at all times.

Currently in the UK there are around 300,000 ex armed forces personnel suffering from NIHL.

One recent case involves ex Royal Marine (aged 39) who has brought a negligence claim against the MoD after developing NIHL from serving in the Marines for 15 years. The Claimant advised the Court that he was forced to leave the Marines due to his growing concerns over deteriorating levels of hearing which have left him with a hearing deficit equivalent to that of a man in his 70s.

The Claimant has claimed compensation reaching almost £1.3 million in damages for the injury, hearing aids, loss of future earnings and loss of pension. This is on the basis that, had it not been for his injury, he would have likely continued to work in the forces serving the 22 years required to entitle him to a full pension.

Whilst liability has now been agreed 80% in the Claimants favour, the outcome of compensation is yet to be determined by the courts.

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