DATE PUBLISHED: 21 Nov 2019 LAST UPDATED: 29 Nov 2022

Kirsty Handyside wins the Ellis Jones Wish

Kirsty Handyside, a member of our Personal Injury team, won the Ellis Jones Wish at our End of Summer Fancy Dress Party earlier this year. We caught up with Kirsty after her return from Iceland to hear how she used her Ellis Jones Wish experience.


I was the very lucky winner of the Ellis Jones Wish in September that was drawn at the Fancy Dress Party social event.

For my wish I chose a Whale Watching trip in Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and it is home to some unique whale and dolphin species making the whale watching a popular activity.

I had an amazing 3 day trip to Reykjavik where I visited the Blue Lagoon (a geothermal spa), the Golden Circle (Waterfalls and Hot Springs) and a few of the local attractions.

On the second day we set off from Reykjavik Harbour on the boat. It was about -2 degrees out on the water but we had warm overalls to keep us cosy. After about 10 minutes into the trip we had already spotted some harbour porpoises. After about an hour a Minke Whale had also appeared, almost immediately after that we sailed to an area with a huge pod of White Beaked Dolphins including a mum and calf, most were swimming right alongside the boat and circled us for nearly half an hour. It was amazing to see and experience so much wildlife and so many dolphins when you never really know if you will be lucky enough to see anything at all.

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to see the Northern Lights this time around, but I’ll definitely visit again and hope to see them when I go back.

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