DATE PUBLISHED: 09 Aug 2017 LAST UPDATED: 23 May 2022

How to Dissolve a Trust

The manner by which a trust can be brought to an end depends on the type of the trust in question. Some trusts come to an end on a specific event, such as the coming of age or death of a beneficiary; others are brought to an end at the discretion of the trustees.

At the end of a trust the trustees should consider:

  • Are we carrying out the function of the trust in the best possible manner?
  • Are we satisfied we have identified all the beneficiaries who are entitled?
  • Have we recorded our actions in a deed and/or trust minute?
  • Is there any tax to report on or pay?
  • Have we disposed of all the trust assets to the beneficiaries?
  • If the trust is a charity: have we complied with the Charity Commission’s requirements for winding up a charity?

If records have been kept throughout the trust then the process of dissolving a trust should not be too onerous but it is important that both the trusts and HMRC’s records are properly updated.

A trust does not come to an end simply because a trustee wishes to retire or if the entire trust fund is loaned to a beneficiary, in both these instances ongoing record keeping and diligence is required by the continuing trustees.

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