DATE PUBLISHED: 26 Sep 2018 LAST UPDATED: 17 Mar 2021

Hazel Burry Wins the Ellis Jones Wish

Our Dispute Resolution Secretary Hazel Burry was our lucky winner of the Ellis Jones Wish at our Firm Wide Meeting in July. The Ellis Jones Wish is announced four times a year at firm wide social events. The winner receives up to £250 towards an experience of their choice, previous winners have used their Wish to take relaxing long weekends away, spa breaks, and trips to tourist attractions.

Hazel’s win allowed her to take her daughter Sophie to two different wildlife attractions. Once her name was called Hazel commented ‘I was over the moon, and a bit emotional when my name was picked out. It meant I could treat my daughter, Sophie, to some exciting animal experiences. Sophie had completed 2 years at Lackham College in Animal Management before we moved to Bournemouth, and she deserved it. So winning the Wish sent us off to Monkey World and for a Keeper Experience in the New Forest.’

Both thoroughly enjoyed their wildlife experience, and below Sophie gives an account of what their Wish entailed.

Sophie’s experience at Monkey World:

‘On the 19th September I went to Monkey World with my family. We followed the centre around using a map we were given at the front entrance. We managed to see all the different monkeys and apes around the park. My highlight was the chimps as they were very mischievous. Other highlights included the orangutans and the gibbons. As we went around, we saw the memorial put up for Jim Cronin (one of the founders of the centre) and chimpanzee Charlie who Jim rescued back in 1989. We then went to see the capuchins, many of whom had been rescued from laboratories in Chile.’

New Forest Wildlife Park experience:

‘On the 21st September I went to the New Forest Wildlife Park. At 10am I met with Tasha who was the keeper that was going to be with me throughout my keeper experience.

Firstly, we prepped the morning feeds for all the animals in the wallaby wood. This included cutting up pig cheeks for Munchkin the lynx and preparing mince and potatoes for the otters.

When morning food preparation was complete, we went out and fed the otters first. They have four different species of otter, so their diets differ a little bit. We then gave out apples to the otters, bison and deer as treats. We made some scent enrichment for the Scottish wildcats and Munchkin. This included tying up bits of lavender and fur in cloth for the wildcats. We then sprayed perfume onto cloth for munchkin to sniff. I was told that Munchkin loves the smell of perfume.

After watching Munchkin we then went back to the wallaby woods and saw the pine martens being fed. They are very agile and fast animals and I was very impressed when they were able to quickly find the chicks that were being scattered inside their enclosure. After my keeper experience was over, me and my family then went around the rest of the park and managed to see Munchkin being fed towards the end of the day.’

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