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Date Published:17 Dec 2019 Last Updated:28 Jul 2021

Ellis Jones Fertility Solicitor interviewed on Sky News about Supreme Court surrogacy case

Fertility Law

Our Fertility solicitor Suzi Denton was interviewed yesterday on Sky News, discussing a recent Supreme Court case. Suzi discussed the plight of a woman (referred to as ‘XX’) who received a late diagnosis of cervical cancer, due to medical negligence from her local NHS Trust.

By the time XX received her diagnosis, her disease was so advanced that she required aggressive treatment, which left her infertile. She therefore argued that she should be awarded adequate compensation to enable her to embark on surrogacy in
California, which a lower court allowed. However, the NHS Trust appealed this decision, and the Supreme Court must now rule on the issue.

In the interview, Suzi explained why intended parents may wish to undergo surrogacy in the USA in preference to the UK, and the various obstacles which intended parents are faced with when pursuing surrogacy here. This sad and difficult case highlights the inadequacies of domestic surrogacy laws, the high cost of international surrogacy and the pressing need for reform of our outdated legislation.

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