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Consultant Solicitor and Head of Crime, Motoring Matters & Inquests

DATE PUBLISHED: 23 Jul 2021 LAST UPDATED: 14 Jul 2022

Drink Drivers Targeted In Summer Crackdown

Motorists beware.

The Dorset Police have now publicly announced their Summer Campaign on Motorists.

This campaign covers all motoring offences from Bald Tyres to Dangerous Driving, but is, as always targeted at Drink and Drug Drivers.

The Police have numerous ways of detecting Drink Drivers from the manner of driving to anonymous calls made to their dedicated “Intelligence” line.

“If you are drinking, don’t drive and if you are driving, don’t drink.” That’s the message from Dorset Police which we wholeheartedly support.  However, if you do make an error of judgement and are stopped, here at Ellis Jones, our Specialist Motoring Team have equally numerous ways of helping you by presenting:

  • Technical Defences where applicable to prevent Conviction
  • Special Reasons Arguments to avoid mandatory disqualification.
  • Exceptional Hardship Arguments to prevent mandatory “totting” disqualification.
  • Mitigation to lessen the effect of a Conviction.

Just as the Police Campaign is not limited to Drink Driving, our Criminal team’s 60 years + experience covers all areas of Motoring Law.

For a consultation and more information on the above please feel free to call on our dedicated number of 01202 057776.

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