Jonathan Morrissey

Consultant Solicitor and Head of Crime, Motoring Matters & Inquests

DATE PUBLISHED: 17 Jun 2020 LAST UPDATED: 12 Mar 2021

Domestic Abuse during lockdown

As we all know at the moment we are facing unprecedented times where families are being forced together by lockdown, only able to go out for limited reasons.

Domestic situations may vary, some of us live in comfortable accommodation with gardens, but some may not be so lucky, living in houses of multiple occupations for instance, or flats may become difficult or frustrating.

Wherever we may live, whatever we may be doing, there are times when frustration gets the better of us, or maybe we find we are unable to cope with the isolation or boredom.

In times such as these unfortunately feelings may boil over and this could resort to anger and sometimes minor acts of violence to our loved ones which would never ever happen in normal circumstances.

The Police and Courts whilst alive to these potential problems are duty bound to apply the law as in normal times. Whilst we advocate in spells of frustration the public distance themselves as far as possible from the situation, it is not always possible and feelings may get the better of us.

The Police and the Courts are dealing with matters in the same way as they normally are, as are we.

With the rapidly changing situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to reassure you that we are still fully operational and able to provide all our legal services remotely to support you through these difficult times. Our experts are here to help and can provide our normal level of service online, via email, over the phone or via video conferencing. Representation in Court is usually free.

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