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Partner, Solicitor and Head of Personal Injury & Sports Law

DATE PUBLISHED: 18 Jun 2018 LAST UPDATED: 22 Apr 2024

David McWilliam’s Back To Bayeux Charity Cycle Ride Completed

Mid June, I set sail to Cherbourg with 26 other cyclists and a support team to take part in The Steve Bernard Foundation Back 2 Bayeux Cycle Ride. Upon arrival in Cherbourg, it became apparent that my winter cycling clothing should have been packed. It was not warm!

Fortunately the next 2 days were much warmer. Day 3 was a stunning day which was fortunate as my group of riders took a wrong turning after less then ½ mile of leaving the camp site. A 60 mile ride turned into 80 miles as a result. We asked a local for directions but with our debatable French language skills and his lack of English we did not get back on track very quickly. A very hilly day with lots of energy sapping climbs. The Boulangerie Patisserie along the route helped us refuel.

Day 4 saw us ride from south of Bayeux up the whole Cherbourg peninsula to our final camp site near the port. All riders made the trip. There was a huge variety of bikes and levels of riders but we all made it.

I covered 238 miles/383 km in the 4 days and spent 18 hours 23 minutes in the saddle. We saw some amazing countryside along the way and many new friendships were formed.

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