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Date Published:07 Feb 2018 Last Updated:17 Jan 2022

New cycle lane leads cyclists the wrong way down a one way street

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Bournemouth Borough Council has come under fire from cycling safety groups due to the newly installed cycle lane in Curzon Road in Springbourne, Bournemouth. Cycle lanes are designed to help the safety of cyclists but this one appears to put cyclists in danger. It sends them the wrong way down a one way street !

As a leading cycle accident specialist, David McWilliam of Ellis Jones Solicitors Bournemouth is absolutely appalled at the design of this cycle lane and said ‘ How can it be safe to send a cyclist against the flow of traffic? It is a recipe for disaster and is an accident waiting to happen. I deal with hundreds of accidents involving cyclists and this is when they are cycling with the flow of traffic, let alone against it. It is clearly not safe.’

Richard Pearson, the council’s highway design and road safety manager, said: “We implemented this scheme following requests from the local cycle forum who have indicated that they are satisfied with the arrangement.”

“Engineers also undertook a safety assessment of this arrangement prior to proceeding including cycling the route.”

David McWilliam last year was involved in a number of cycling cases that went to trial where the local Council (not Bournemouth) stated that they had consulted a local cycling safety group over the design of a cycle lane. The trial judge found for the cyclists in those cases and the Council were unable to provide any evidence of their discussions with the cycle group.

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