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DATE PUBLISHED: 12 Jul 2017 LAST UPDATED: 24 May 2022

Cycle accident specialist supports Dorset police in operation close pass

Dorset Police yesterday went undercover on bikes on Wallisdown Road to educate drivers about giving enough room to cyclists when passing them. Those deemed to be driving too close were stopped by officers further down the road as part of the launch of Operation Close Pass. They ere given the choice of a fixed penalty for careless driving (£100 fine and 3 penalty points) or the opportunity to get advice at the roadside form Police Officers. The emphasis was on educating motorists.

The Highway Code states that cyclists should ride within 0.75 metres of the kerb and that drivers should give 1.5 metres of clearance to cyclists.

Since 2015, 3 cyclists have been killed and 500 injured on Dorset roads.

David McWilliam, Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Ellis jones is an experienced road cyclist and specialises in cycle accident claims. He has seen an increase in cyclists that have been hit by cars passing too close and the consequences can be life changing. Fortunately, the majority of claims result in non-life changing injuries but still are serious injuries. One such example is a car that overtook a cyclist with a trailer. The car pulled in too soon after passing the cyclist and the trailer cut up the cyclist. He was knocked to the ground and fractured his shoulder. After arranging extensive physiotherapy treatment it was decided that an operation was going to be required. Ellis Jones secured private funding for the operation which enabled the quickest possible recovery. The injured cyclist is now back on his bike but no longer cycles alone due to fear of another similar accident.

If you have been involved in a cycling accident or road traffic accident of any description that was not your fault, please speak to us first. This is free of charge and we will advise you accordingly. Telephone David McWilliam at Ellis Jones on 01202 057710 or e-mail him on david.mcwilliam@ellisjones.co.uk

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