DATE PUBLISHED: 10 Mar 2016 LAST UPDATED: 12 May 2022

Civil Court fee increase from 9th March 2015

New Court fees applicable to claims worth a value in excess of £10,000 have caused the Law Society to seek support from solicitors to battle against the proposed government changes.

It is understood the proposed changes are:

Value of claim £ Fee now £ (paper) New fee £ Increase in fee £ % increase
20,000 610 1,000 390 64%
40,000 610 2,000 1,390 228%
90,000 910 4,500 3,590 395%
150,000 1,315 7,500 6,185 470%
190,000 1,315 9,500 8,185 622%
200,000 1,515 10,000 8,725 576%
250,000 1,720 10,000 8,280 481%

Claims for Possession will also see fees rise by £75 at all levels. Application fees will also rise with the Court fee for an application made by consent increasing from £50 to £100 and contested applications increasing from £155 to £255.

The proposed fee increases were put forward by the Ministry of Justice, which has substantiated the new fees by stating that this will raise an extra £120 million a year to help fund the general running of the court system.

The Law Society had subsequently issued a Pre-action letter of claim to the Ministry of Justice to protest the proposed fee increase. However, the House of Lords approved the changes on Wednesday 4th March 2015.

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